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The Aachen (Germany) Area

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Cathedral of Aachen

The Cathedral of Aachen is one of the most famous examples of occidental architecture. It is the coronation church of more than 30 German kings, burial site of Charlemagne, major pilgrimage church and cathedral church of the Aachen diocese since 1930. In 1978 it was the first German building to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Cathedral Treasury

The Cathedral Treasury in Aachen is regarded as the most important ecclesiastical treasury north of the Alps. It houses sacral art treasures from the late Antique, Carolingian, Ottonian and Staufian epoch, among them some unique exhibits like the "Cross of Lothair", the "Bust of Charlemagne" and the "Persephone sarcophagus". These and all the other exhibits document the importance of the Cathedral of Aachen as a place of the medieval treasury. Individuals are invited to explore the treasury on their own with a small guide, available at the cash-desk.


Town Hall

In the early 14th century, the townspeople of Aachen took over the ruined palace of Charlemagne. On its foundation they built the gothic town hall, which was converted into a baroque building in the 17th and 18th centuries. The town hall was seriously damaged in the two fires of 1656 and 1883. 50 statues of German rulers adorn the north facade; 31 of the kings represented were crowned in Aachen.

Inside the town hall visitors can take a look at the Coronation hall with its famous Rethel frescoes dating from the 19th century and copies of the Imperial Crown Jewels as well as the gothic and baroque furniture of the building.


The Elisa Fountain (Elisenbrunnen) is the symbol of the spa town of Aachen. It was constructed in 1827 according to plans of the architects Cremer and Schinkel. At the time, the Elisa Fountain served as a drinking hall and a promenading hall and still today it is possible to try the healing thermal waters of Aachen from this fountain. Marble plaques remind us of the names of the famous visitors that came to the Aachen spa over the centuries, amongst them Händel and Casanova.

Couven Museum

The Couven museum gives an insight into the style of living of the 18th and 19th century. It's more than just a simple visit to a museum.

Rotating tower Belvedere

The Aachen Lousberg is the oldest European citizens’ park. From the rotating tower Belvedere, a former water tower, one has a spectacular view of Aachen and the environment.

Casino Aachen

The Aachen Casino is situated in the former "Neues Kurhaus" (New Spa House). It lies in the midst of a beautiful park that is lovely to take a walk in.

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