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Hulsberg (Limburgian: Hölsberg) is a village in the municipality of Nuth, located in the south of Limburg..
Hulsberg had 4300 inhabitants on January 1st, 2005.
Hulsberg was an independent municipiality until 1982, but merged with Nuth during a municipal reorganisation.
One part of the former municipality of Hulsbeg was incorporated into the municipiality of Valkenbeurg aan de Geul, the other part was incorporated into the municipality of Voerendaal.
During a border adjustment in 1941 0,96 square kilometers (with 919 inhabitants) was already given to the municipialty of Valkenburg-Houthem.

The first mention of Hulsberg dates back to 1147, when it was called Hulsberga.
The church of Hulsberg, the St.-Clemens church, is dedicated to the holy Clemens.
The building dates back to 1820, but was renovated and enlarged in 1908.
The stained glass windows are made by Hans Truyen.
The organ is built by organ builders Willem Theodoor Pieter Theo Pereboom and Jean Leyser, both from Maastricht, and was put into place around new year’s of 1872.
The instrument contains pipes from the 18th century.

Hulsberg is part of the Mergellandroute.